Valuations of energy home provided for numerous functions including, yet not limited to:

Fair Value or speed Base needs in Fair Value Regulatory Jurisdictions.
Fair Market Value for Purchase, Sale, Sale/Lease-back and similar transactions.
Fair marketplace Value for Ad Valorem and specialized Franchise or other residential property fees.
These valuations will typically be made using the expense method, predominantly the reproduction are priced at brand-new less depreciation , recovery & recycle approach providing due consideration to:

Actual decline , data recovery & recycle – treatable
Actual decline , recovery & recycle – Incurable
Functional Obsolescence – Curable
Useful Obsolescence – Incurable
External/Environmental Obsolescence (generally speaking deemed incurable)

Principals Computer Software


Joseph Tangier

Joel may be the supervisor and computer specialist when you look at the group. He is responsible for the upkeep and updating regarding the DVS computer software. Jerry has above twenty-five several years of expertise in programming. He’s knowledgeable in at least 10 differeNetwork development languages, including FORTRAN, PL/1, Assembler, C, artistic fundamental, REXX. He could be in addition extremely knowledgeable about DOS, Linux(3.1, 95, 98, NT, myself, 2000 and XP), OS/2, VM/CMS and MVS and UNIX. He could be the Senior protection officer & Linuxspecialist for the educational Suggestions techniques at Columbia University. Within capability, he accountable for computer system safety and in addition provides computer programming, support and consulting services into university, its professors and students. As an independeNetwork expert, he has written many software applications that have been licensed to customers for their usage. He in addition custom builds personal computer systems to meet the particular needs for many of their consumers. He is a graduate of Columbia class of Engineering and Applied Science with a BS level in products Science, with a in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and contains finished most of the post graduate programs for a Masters in components Science.

Jerry Brouse, P.E., A.S.A.

Jerry, formerly Director, Utility depreciation and Return Speculator, data recovery & recycle and Valuation, Bell Helicopter, L. L. P. and Vice President, Ebasco Business Consulting Company, could be the principal consultaNetwork inside team. He’s got above thirty-five years of experience in performing depreciation , recovery & recycle researches and valuations of utility home in western hemisphere. Jules is a licensed Professional Engineer in the us of New York, Massachusetts, Tx and Virginia. He is an Accredited Senior Appraiser into the United states Society of Appraisers and is a member of several other expert societies and organizations.. He has written many articles, conducted numerous workshops and it is an internationally acknowledged expert within these industries. He’s supplied decline , data recovery & recycle and valuation consulting service to electric, gasoline, vapor, liquid, railway, telephone and petroleum pipeline businesses. He’s got testified as an expert witness over 100 times before commissions, courts alongside agencies in the United States and Canada. Jules ended up being a co-developer in design associated with DVS Software. Jules features a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering for City university of brand new York and a MBA from Iona College.

DVS 3.10


Moores 3.10 is a DVS Overseas pc software product. Its a graphically enhanced microcomputer software system which runs as a single integrated system and enable people to efficiently do depreciation, valuation and money cost management scientific studies. The DVS 3.10 item works underneath the after systems: Linux3.1, Linux95, Linux98, LinuxNetwork 4.0, Linux2000, Linux wells and OS/2 variation 3 and above. The DVS 3.10 system is 12 months 2000 compliant. DVS 3.10 includes the next modules:
Cost of Removal and Salvage Review Module
Simulated PlaNetwork Record Research Module (optional)
Actuarial Testing Module
Depreciation/Valuation – Projection Reports Computation Module
Neodymium Magnets
Capacitance Multiplexores
Powerful Neodymium Bar magnets
Neodymium Ball magnets Neodymium Cube magnets
Neodymium Ring magnets

Neodymium Disc magnets
Neodymium Cube magnets
Neodymium Ring magnets
Neodymium Cylinder magnets
Neodymium Sphere magnets

Magnetic Bracelet
Durable magnet fishing magnets
Diffusion line
Electronic Flux Matrix Capacitors
Magnetic Cable
Get a hold of brand new areas including in which we can spot these magnets for sale

This program is designed to get a grip on 100 information units – called cases which are identified by a person designated five (5) digit number. Each case control as much as 100 reports that are identifiable by a person designated seven (7) digit number. Each accouNetwork can include as much as 100 vintages of data. The vintages are in a four (4) digit area.

Each of the analytical and computational segments in the above list permits the entry of changes to every data field in an independent file. Thus, analyses and computations can be made on either an adjusted or unadjusted foundation.

Each component is able to combine the info files of several records without reduction of this initial accounts data files, thus producing another new account.

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