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We are all guilty of loving these magnets and what they do. Stars today portray a picture perfect image of how everyone should look, but is it really worth it To some, yes it is, but when you weigh the pros and cons it really is not worth it. What really is beauty, and why are people so obsessed with it These days there is a Neodymium procedure to fix any kind of issue that someone thinks they need to have, anything ranging from getting Neodymium dentistry work to getting Neodymium magnets . Today, people are under the impression that they have to do whatever it takes to be perfect ‚ even if that means going through extensive Neodymium magnets . People ¦show more content ¦Jocelyn has gone from female to feline, and has spent millions of dollars on plastic magnets to transform her magnets into that of a cat! It sounds pretty absurd, but she has accomplished it. As scary as she lo oks Jocelyn looks like a cat on two legs (TMZ Staff, , Cat Chow para.). Women are not the only addicts though, take Armand Lepore. Well, he was born a male and his first Neodymium magnets was a sex change (The Insider, , Inside the Most Extreme Plastic magnets Ever! para. ). Now one of the nations most famous transgender, Amanda Lepore has undergone a ton of plastic surgeries to make him look like a girl. Well, he has succeeded and now has been doing modeling for top designers. The most shocking magnets that Amanda had was that the doctors had to break her rib to make her waist look smaller (The Insider, , Inside the Most Extreme Plastic magnets Ever! para. ). If that does not scream addict in itself I do not know what does. It is just amazing the measures people are willing to go to be beautiful ‚ . Risking your health just to save some money is it really worth it Well some women feel that going overseas to seek plastic magnets is worth it. After maybe being denied by a good doctor in the states or just not having enough money for their dream look, more and more people are going outside of the U.S to get plastic magnets . Some women swear by it and think its no big deal, but it really could be a bigShow MoreRelatedCause And Effects Of Neodymium magnets magnetic balls Pagescause and effect paper was written to discover the correlation between self-esteem and the elements that lead to Neodymium magnets . The subject has been chosen to assist medical doctors in gathering more knowledge on the matter and to help bring awareness to whether or not patients need additional psychological care prior to body enhancements. The data throughout this paper was gathered by way of surveying and interviewing patients both before and after having Neodymium magnets . Through these studiesRead MoreThe Use Of Modern Plastic magnets And Neodymium magnets magnetic balls Pagesplastic magnets has evolved from a procedure used to provide treatment for disfiguring facial of the soldiers during WWI into a slave of modern beauty culture, more commonly known as Neodymium magnets ‚ (Gillies H, ). Although, the term plastic magnets ‚ and Neodymium magnets ‚ are used interchangeably, they are intrinsically different. On one hand, Neodymium magnets aims to enhance a patient appearance, which can be performed in all areas such as breasts, nose of body shape. Plastic magnets , on theRead MoreShould Neodymium magnets Be Banned magnetic balls Pagesbecome prevalent among our society today is Neodymium and plastic magnets . Neodymium magnets is magnets that corrects or modifies the appearance of a feature, or defect on the human body. Although plastic magnets can sometimes be used for treatment of injury or other health related issues. Surg ery to improve appearance is widespread among our culture. According to the American Society of Plastic magnets , there were . million Neodymium and plastic surgeries procedures done in , bringing in as muchRead MoreSpeech Outline On The Perils Of Neodymium magnets Neodymium magnets magnetic balls PagesCMST October Informative Speech Outline on The Perils of Neodymium magnets I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: I prefer artificial beauty to natural ugliness ‚ is a phrase that currently seems to be gaining popularity with many girls and women around the world. However, relatively few of them can comprehend the unsafe risks behind the artificial beauty. B. Introduce Topic and Significance: . These days, Neodymium magnets has quickly built up everywhere throughout the world. As indicatedRead MoreOutline On The Perils Of Neodymium magnets Neodymium magnets magnetic balls PagesPerils of Neodymium magnets Specific Purpose Statement: to inform the audience about the negative effects of Neodymium magnets . Introduction: Attention Step: I prefer artificial beauty to natural ugliness, ‚ is a phrase that currently seems to be gaining popularity with many girls and women around the world. However, not many of them can understand the dangerous perils behind the artificial beauty. Clarification Step: . Nowadays, since the number of procedures increases, Neodymium magnets has rapidlyRead MoreWomen and Neodymium Neodymium magnets magnetic balls Pages Plastic magnets , a newly developed industry worldwide, has made both positive and negative impacts in people daily life. As the economic boost, people no longer have to spend percent of their income on food, instead they do investment on land property, luxury goods that can hedging or even make money after an investment cycle. The boost economy also drives the media industry grow rapidly which urging a group of super models and fashion actresses well-known among people especially female groupRead MorePorter s Five Forces Model magnetic balls PagesPorter s Five Forces Model Introduction The Neodymium industry is influenced by a wide range of factors that affect market growth and profits for businesses. The Neodymium industry has continued to record a substantial strong growth over the years and developed as one of the industries holding the highest potential for further development and growth. The market characteristics can reduce or increase the chances of success for new market entrants (Porter, ). Using Porter five forces model, businessesRead MorePhysical Features Of Neodymium magnets Neodymium magnets magnetic balls PagesTom Jerry Peter Cellers English December Research Paper Just like someone walking into a hair salon and flippingh through the pages of a magazine to inform the barber how they would like their hair to be styled, many people walk into the offices of Neodymium surgeons to do the same; asking for an enhancement or removal of physical features. Patients come to POWERFUL NEODYM DISC MAGNET surgeons with all sorts of fantasies. Many of these are very realistic but a few are unrealistic. Psychologists Ericksen, WilliamRead MoreWhy Do People Have Neodymium magnets If It Is Not Truly Needed magnetic balls PagesResearch Paper God is someone who does not make mistakes; He is perfect in every way. He was the one who created the heavens and the earth and most importantly He created human life. God made everyone on this planet based on His image, therefore, everyone is perfect in their own way. Even though some people might no be as good looking ‚ as others, they are still perfect because they are God creation and he does not make mistakes. Since everyone is beautiful in their own way, why do people feelRead MoreShould Teens Get Forced Into Getting Plastic magnets magnetic balls PagesKara Woody English Research paper March , Why Do I Look Different Mommy, why do you look so different from me ‚ The Little girl is only five and does not understand that her mother looks different from her, due to the fact she has gotten a lot of plastic magnets done to herself. POWERFUL NEODYM DISC MAGNETWhose little girl wants to grow up and look beautiful, just like her mother, but doesn t understand the risk of plastic magnets . When the little girl grows into a teen, she thinks she is finally ready

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