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"I have recommended Shawn to my customers on several occasions. My customers and I were extremely pleased with the quality of his work and his work habits."
~Richard C. Hunter, Sr.

"He is truly a skilled craftsman in his field."
~George Powley

Old World Plaster

Ornamental plaster has a beautiful, age-old quality that draws us in and transports us to another place. Some say this is a dying art, but others have realized that it is time to save our heritage... our history. Plastering is one of the oldest arts and trades there is. It is rich in history, and a plaster design can be one of a kind, or duplicated over and over again. It is time to bring plaster back to today's construction and restore the historic plaster that is still around. The plaster projects of today will be around long after this generation is gone, and future generations can continue to enjoy it for thousands of years, as we can even now enjoy the plaster of the old world.

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We offer design services for projects such as decorative walls and ceilings, as well as standard plaster in a variety of finishes.  Have something you want duplicated in plaster? We will work with you to make your ideas a reality.


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  • Cornices

  • Restoration

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  • Lath & 3 Coat Plaster

  • Cement Stucco

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  • Stone

  • Ornamental Concrete

The History of Plaster

Plaster has been used for thousands of years. It is seen in pyramids and churches, temples and public buildings. The most ancient plaster discovered was used circa 9000 B.C. in the region of Mesopotamia. In 7500 B.C., a mixture of lime and limestone was used in Jordan. In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians used plaster mainly as a surface for their color decorations. There are many examples of Roman use, especially in the remains of the city of Pompeii. They used a hard, fine plaster on their walls and ceilings, with magnificent relief ornamentation.

Plaster has been used in art, and in the construction of homes and countless buildings throughout the ages. In Medieval and Renaissance times, gesso, which is plaster of paris mixed with glue, was used to provide the ground for tempera and oil painting. Medieval Europeans had a construction system known as wattle-and-daub; wooden frames filled with plaster. Even the Native Americans used a clay to form a kind of plaster that plugged holes within a framework of small branches woven like basketwork between supporting poles, resembling the wattle-and-daub method.

It is a versatile medium that stands the test of time. Even today, buildings that are hundreds and hundreds of years old still have plaster in remarkable condition. In the mid-nineteen hundreds plaster was largely replaced by gypsum board (also called sheetrock or drywall), not because of better quality, but because it was less labor intensive and cost less. Plaster has been replaced, and in some cases almost forgotten, but its quality cannot be matched or outdone by the materials that are being used in its place.

There are different kinds of plaster. Although all are made of gypsum, each has different additives and different working characteristics. At Adept Surface Specialist, we use old world plaster and methods, as well as incorporating new products for endless combinations.

Adept Surface Specialist, Inc. locally serves Albany, New York and the capitol district, as well as serving all of New York, Vermont, and Massachussets. If your job is located outside of this area, contact us... we may be able to accomodate you as well.

There is no project that is too difficult or too small. For that special project you have always wanted, whether old world plaster restoration, or a unique plaster design just for you, please let us know how we can serve you! Contact us today to begin your construction project. We have the expertise to handle what you need, and the quality of service to set us apart.

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